Not All Cinnamons are Created Equal

I’m writing this post because I want to call your attention to the fact that not all cinnamon is the same. I want to make you more aware of this when you buy your cinnamon because the taste between different kinds is, in my opinion, massively different – as is the quality.

In the photo above you will find four kinds of cinnamon. The one labeled ‘A’ is Zeylanicum cinnamon (aka Ceylon or ‘true’ cinnamon) whereas B is a Korintje Cassia cinnamon (of which there is C. ‘Chinese cinnamon’ and D. ‘Java cinnamon’).

You may notice that they all come in different shades of brown – ranging from a pale brown (A and D) to a redder brown (B) to a darker brown (C). To me, A, C and D are spicier, more peppery cinnamons (good in meats and savory foods) whereas B is slightly milder; sweeter. 

Some cinnamons don’t say what kind they are though, either because they are blends or because the people packaging them don’t care about this too much – their label just says ‘Ingredient: cinnamon’. If you don’t care that much about your cinnamon then it won’t matter, hey, it’s still cinnamon. But if you do, then look for one that goes into a little more detail.

And yeah! Just start paying attention to your cinnamons! Smell them, taste them, close your eyes and smell them again, taste them again – you will know what I’m talking about, an entire world of cinnamon will unfold before you ;-)


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